tiistaina, huhtikuuta 19, 2005

iPod Killers?

iPod Killers?: "With innovative services and snazzier phones, the telecom players figure they can swipe a chunk of the digital music market that Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL ) cracked open with its iconic iPod. That sets the stage for a battle between two industries. On one side are Apple and the other tech players concentrated in Silicon Valley that see the computer as central to the future of music.
On the other are telecom companies, from Finland to South Korea to the U.S., that think the mobile phone can become the center of this emerging world. 'The iPod is great,' says Frank Nuovo, chief designer for Nokia, the world's largest handset maker. 'But no one has a stranglehold. There's nothing that keeps the mobile phone from moving into that area.'"
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