torstaina, joulukuuta 29, 2005

New ways of selling

It's not that hard to imagine what meaning the long term has to a designer in Finland creating a video podcast so that a buyer in Paris can download it on his iPod.

The greatest challenge facing makers of arts, craft and luxury goods, after new technology, is the loss of textile and apparel manufacturing jobs in Europe . It has made clothes still produced here very expensive.

But the real reason for a growing concern is that still only a small part of designers, arts, crafts and fashion people are not participating in the technology revolution. But some do, others don't.

They are outside the medium rather than inside it. The discouraging thing about watching models flip down the runway is that it doesn't allow you to look at and think about fashion in a new way.

It's the same aesthetic trip, and the Web has widened our emotional and aesthetic expectations.
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