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Message from Umbria Italy

We want to extend our network to Italy and work closer with networking partners. I like to open up a conversation with networking friends on OpenBC and other contact forums I or some of us are active in.

I got a message from Italy. "Dear Helge, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to beautiful Italy, it really can be wonderful. Next time you come stop by in central Umbria, in the wine district. Really lovely, with lots to se and do, or even to do nothing - just relax! Look forward to your visit! All the best, Dorine."

Dorine Kunst (Bachelors Degree in Anthropolgy) writes about herself and what she thinks about OpenBC: "I translate tourist brochures, hotel web-sites and menus from Italian into English in my spare time, an activity which I just began due to the terrible english I see written in these documents. I was born in Holland, but due to my father's job in the Dutch Diplomatic Service I lived in many countries througout my childhood. A great experience! Travel remains my main love and the further the better, the stranger and newer, the better. Not to say I do not love the great museums of Europe, coffee on the square and opera done as it should be. But give me a tent and a sleeping bag, put them in my back-pack, send me somewhere to explore on foot, and, well, there I am truely content. "

She is a true networker: "My work puts me in contact with people from all over the world, fun ones, boring ones and those who become friends. I love them all. Not married, but happily with the same man (a RAI journalist) for over ten years, we have a brown dog named Arturo, the apple of our eyes. (No, he does NOT come trekking in Asia, they might EAT him!) I have no idea what this OPENBC can bring to my life, or I to other members, but it is worth throwing out the net and enjoying the company of other, new friends, even though only on the internet for now."

And more about BUSINESS: "I run the most darling of self catering apartments here in the wine country of Umbria, just by Montefalco. All the apartments are frescoed with great fantasy and creativity. The pool is wonderful with a fountain and great view. A perfect spot for a fews days of total relax and peace. Contact me, if you like, and let's see what happens in this modern mode of communication. Ciao!"

This is an experiment to interview contacts on my OpenBC. I will send a copy of this blog to Dorine and ask if she wants to have this published. If not, then I'll remove it in due time. The main idea is to expand the Internet based communication with people around the globe and to see how we could expand business and other interests through better cross-border communication in Europe and on a global level.
Have a great day and stay in Umbria!

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