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What is Web 2.0?

What is Web 2.0? The topic? Web 2.0 and what it means to the average Internet user. Who will be producing web content in the future. We look at new consumer webstar-ups.

Good and bad
- the name is becoming a liability
- a lot of new companies started to come out since 2004
- blogging is the cornerstone of what we are talking about
- it was geocity in the early days
- it explosed to 100 million blogs of today
- people can come back
- there is a place to write a comment
- sometimes the commenting is very harsh
- you will see much more real identities on the net

The 90's was a one way experience
- It's much more than typing in a webform
- My Space is a huge business
- From a business standpoint it is great thing
- Rupert Murdoch and Fox is the owner of My Space
- User generated content

The community content
- There is a huge amount of garbage
- When there is no centre, there are awful amounts of going on
- Web 2.0 encourages communal
- My Space doesn't need to hire anybody to do the content

30 million or more are blogging in US and Europe
- misinformation
- bad reporting
- nobody checking
- bad content gets pushed to the end
- there is a natural social Darwinism going on

Link to pages
- that is a public endorsement
- some consume a lot and produce very little
- I've been burned on information in a community

- Before you had Yahoo photos
- Photos were a private thing
- Post a photo to the web and you want the world to see it
- Tag is a categorization item
- It made it much more interactive
- It changed the web

- it's a coffee shop
- You tube
- They show videos on You tube
- There is a great value
- Micropublishing
- Being a group
- The anti-movements
- Some want them to be kicked out
- Communities are evolving on the web
- When threads go out of topic
- Groups are the nature of people

Web 2.0
- They have instant messaging built into them
- The new trend is to push the things to the web
- IM is absolutely crucial (the trend is towards the instantaneous)
- When you read a news on newsstart and you can see the comment
- Mebo is a way to use IM on the browser (I've been testing for a while)

Help people find the right stuff
- We smart people online and interactive
- A very complicated argument
- It's highly accurate
- Celebrity gossip
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