tiistaina, lokakuuta 31, 2006

60 Minutes Podcast

Get the biggest scoops and the best storytelling on television from 60 Minutes - on your schedule. - 60 Minutes: Texas City. There is a story about a BP refinery explosion. Fifteen died at the explosion that day. BP fired several operators for malpractice. "The accident could have been easily restricted." A person tells. There were critical alarms and safety mechanisms. There were trailers close to the unit during the start-up.
  • Safety meeting with 300 people participating
  • They have been cutting costs and it's a fabulous company from a profitability stand-point
  • Do they put profits first and risking the people?
  • 25 % of their fixed costs were cut
  • Investigators said it was a drastic mistake
  • RCM, ECM? what could they do?
  • Installing safety devices to burn out gases with fleyers
  • They mad a billion dollars at a year at that plant in profit
Podcasting is a way to deliver interesting information from any part of the world. Management says, "Anybody didn't know about the level of risks before the explosion". Some others says: "Too little and too late!"

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