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Flash it to Ajax

I wanted to make some notes about the clients we put on our applications. The clients as service items.What do we want to show? How do we want viewers to interact? The user interface is what really matters. What are your thoughts about this? We really like go for more interactivity. I like to work a little around these questions.
  • Flash wants to be a competitor to Java
Show the interface to someone who isn't very technically oriented and try to guess out if the thing is working and catching attention.First impression matters. People spend very short time on the average Internet page or on the blogs. They want to get down to the essential fast. What kind of impression are you giving? It's the look of your page that decides if someone is going to read and learn more.

This blog has been around for a few months now. It's a part of a blog-cluster that has evolved since 2004. A blog is just a blog, but it's an important tool for me. I can make notes and collect ideas that I feel important.
  • Ajax
  • Mobile clients
  • Desktop clients
  • Flash
It's getting more and more complex and all these things are making it possible to add some very cool things to your pages. Avoid things that will take 30 minutes to load. Ajax talks back to your application.
  • Tags
  • Data accessability
Web 2.0 is bringing a lot of cool new things. Flash will have a lot to add to the Web 2.0. Flash and html together by using AJAXs. We can get much more richer experiences.
  • Relevant information
  • Create the data request to get the photos
  • Go to the photo service
There are now a number of techniques making Flash applications easier than befor. XML. Scripting languages. Action languages. New development tools. CLIP. The next generation of richer user interfacing. FLEX-builder.
  • XML files
  • File list
  • Create
  • They look really cool
Design view. Connecting to Flickr. I will do my best to learn about these new things. How to talk with FLickr. The generated code is very simple and easy to understand by the developer.
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