maanantaina, marraskuuta 13, 2006

Flickr Photosharing

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing. The initial Flickr is FREE. Yes, there will always be a free version of Flickr. It will be limited in certain ways and you get more with your paid subscription, but it's still fun. There is the option of upgrading to a Flickr Pro Account, for just $24.95 (US) per year. You can also buy a Pro Account for a friend if you're feeling generous.

I'd like to use a photo I found on Flickr. How do I do that?

Flickr doesn't act as matchmakers so you'll need to contact the photographer yourself. Only members of Flickr can send messages to one another, so if you haven't created an account, that's your first step. As a member of Flickr, you can mouse over someone's buddy icon and click the little arrow to activate the "person menu." From there, select "Send FlickrMail" to compose your message. When contacting the photographer, it's best to include as much info as possible about the photo, yourself, and how you would like to use the photo.

  • I've a profile
  • I haven't been very actvie with my Flickr account
  • Decided to test the blogging feature today
  • I've sofar only used my own photos
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