sunnuntaina, marraskuuta 19, 2006

Kat Herding Media

Kat Herding Media. Kathleen Herding's musings on new media.Hi! I'm Kat and this is my little corner of Web 2.0 where we can chat about some of the things I'm so excited about. Like video blogging, podcasting, social media, Second Life, YouTube, lipstick, wikis, RSS, citizen journalism, customer evangelism, shoes, MoBlogging, photocasting, tagging, folksonomy, widgets, Digg, iPod, cute suits, social bookmarking, massively multiplayer online games, indymedia, hairstyles, javascript and Ajax. Ready? OK then! Let's get started.

Cool looking women as bloggers. I posted about an Indian social networking site. Kat Herding writes: "oh my gosh Someone blogged about my blog! Imagine my surprise to see Kat Herding all lit up like that on someone else's blog. I guess I was spending far too much time in Microsoft Project when all this Internet stuff was getting underway. Anyway, many thanks to..."

Have a great day. The pictures are good. The style is personal, even intimate. It's different. Male bloggers tend to write about gadgets, tools, programs, stuff, but not about people. Or maybe I'm referring to myself.
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