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This blog is about my trek in Lapland; from Kautokeino in Norway to Kilpisjärvi in Finland. I'll be there from September 11th to 26th, 2005.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Helsinki

It's Tuesday morning, and I have woken up in Helsinki. We used yesterday to travel through Finland - this time using motor power. After checking out from our lodges in Kilpisjärvi we visited the Information center. Then was time to step into our bus and drive to Kittilä. After a couple of stops - one at a husky dog farm - we arrived there, and we had to say farewell to Barbara, our great guide. After flying to Helsinki we arrived at our hotel. Now I had the chance to act as a guide, and I took us to a really finnish restaurant Zetor. There we had a beer and sat the last evening together. Today we will use to see around Helsinki and to buy some "Halti" outdoor gear. :-)

Olen lukenut useita Lappi-aiheisia blogeja. Me Newsy - Letters on varsin mielenkiintoinen. Siinä on pitkä ja syvällinen tarina.
"Greetings from Rovaniemi." Is from the F-Secure blog. They were keynoting at a security seminari in Lapland.

I've today been keynoting at the Infosecurity Lapland conference, which was held in Rovaniemi, Finland. Around 90 experts from all parts of Europe have spent a few days discussing the state of data security and should we care about it or not.

The amount of daylight hours is getting pretty small up here this time of the year - Rovaniemi is right next to the Arctic Circle. The sun came up today around 10am and is going down now, at 2.30pm… Did you know that the laptop was invented in Lapland?

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Blog de Paulin

if you read French. Nous avons également marché sur le cercle polaire arctique... Bien sympa cette virée dans le nord... Allez, quelques photos !!!PS : Merci à Tibo pour la photo !!! Eh oui le vrai Pere noël nous a tout de même demander 17 euros pour une photo avec lui... donc j'ai préféré prendre celle que Tibo m'avais envoyé quand il avait conquit l'Amérique...

map of finnland
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