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Online Chat Bangladesh

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Razib on ’professional blogger’ Bangladeshissa. Hän asuu Dhakassa (10 miljoonaa asukasta) ja hänen bloginsa käsittelee Southeast Asia (Kaakkois-Aasia) asioita, julkkiksia, yrityksiä, Intian talouskehitystä, high-techiä ja satunnaisesti suomalaisten yritysten etabloitumista alueelle.

Hän on haastatellut minua ja kirjoittanut meistä ja toiminnastamme blogissaan. Pidämme yhteyttä ja chattailemme GoogleTalkissa aika ajoin. Razib kirjoittaa työkseen ja ansaitsee bloggaamisellaan elantonsa. Hän opetti tiedotusoppia yliopistolla ja kirjoitti teknologia-alan julkaisuihin artikkeleita free-lancerina, mutta päätti vuosi takaperin ryhtyä kokopäivätoimiseksi bloggaajaksi. Hän ansaitsee näin paremmin kuin yliopiston opettajana.

Huomasin Bangladeshiä koskevan uutisen Hesarin online versiosta. Kävin vilkaisemassa Razibin blogia ja huomioni kiinnittyi muutamiin itseäni kiinnostaviin posteihin. Tässä eräs niistä…

Avasin GoogleTalkin...

"AKTEL is a familiar name in Bangladesh. AKTEL is the second largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. I could not find the current subscriber base of AKTEL but it has more than several million subscribers for sure." Kirjoitta Razib.

The address of the website of AKTEL is http://www.aktel.com

Keskustelumme jatkui näin:

Razib Ahmed is online:

Helge: I read about bomb explosion at the Dhaka railway station Chittagong and at the Bengal bay area? What is happening?

Razib: when it has happened?

Helge: This was in the news of our daily newspaper [Helsingin Sanomat online]

Razib: I did not know, now I turned on TV, aha, yes in TV they are showing

Helge: Nobody hurt, according to news here

Razib: yes!

Helge: …but probably big explosions

Razib: …no one is hurt

Helge: Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen [Islamists, maybe?]

Razib: It is unnatural, for the last 4 months we have total calm

Helge: I remember, yes… [Reference to unrest related to upcoming election that was post-poned]

Razib: Actually we have the best condition in our history now

Helge: I hope it will continue

Razib: yes

Helge: How are you doing?

Razib: How is everything with u, I am dong fine in April my blog Southasiabiz had 340,000 page views

Helge: Great, I will go to read your latest stories

Razib: actually I covered a wedding ceremony in India

Helge: Been busy with daily things lately, nice to chat with you

Razib: Between two movie stars http://www.sitemeter.com/?a=stats&s=s24southasiabiz&r=33

Helge: Nice, celebrities are adding to readership. It's a huge increase, wow!

Razib: yes, it is huge; I have been professionally blogging for one (1) year

Helge: These stars [Indian] are unknown here, but I guess they are big stars in your areas

Razib: At last I have some idea about improving traffic for website and blog [Traffic is important for Razib]

Helge: Congratulations, I think covering celebrities is a great way [To increase traffic]

Razib: Yes, they are big stars, and many websites and blogs covered it, so I had to fight to be in first page of Google result and anticipate what people are looking for

Helge: You have the nose for scoops, what people like to read about…

Razib: Now I have the nose after first (1) year of learning and trying, yes, now i have good idea

Helge: "The controversy surrounding kissing Shilpa Shetty is going remain alive for the next few days despite the fact that Richard Gere has apologized for his action. This story is being published in the western and Indian media everyday now." Writes Razib in his blog, what about this posting? What is the reaction?

Razib: ...about what people may look for

Helge: How about your Gere and Sherpa kissing posting?


Razib: ...and every month there is something this is big but [Celebrities marriages etc.]

Helge: I did read about it, but it isn't an issue here [Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty]

Razib: I covered it late [the Gere thing]; actually everyone in India was eager about marriage ceremony

Helge: I see

“His kissing of Shilpa Shetty has caused a huge uproar in India and thanks to the continuous showing of the kissing scene in Indian TV channels, many people in India are angry with Richard Gere. A number of law suits have been filed against him and Shilpa Shetty and even an arrest warrant has been issued too. This apology has come in a very crucial moment.” Writes Razib in his blog.

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