tiistaina, lokakuuta 18, 2005

Marantz PMD670

"Solid State technology is great in there are no moving parts. No moving parts means system noise should be nonexistent. In the case of the PMD670, all the audio is recorded to the removable compact flash card. The unit ships with a 64MB card, but you can use cards as high as 2GB.

You can opt for a 512MB card, which will record over 7 hours of 160kbps stereo MP3/MP2, or 45 minutes of 48 kHz PCM audio. For podcasters doing remote work, the ability to record MP3s is a convenience because you can copy the file from the CF card directly to your website."

Within the last two, three months, podcasting has become the fastest adopted new technology. Until a recently, podcasting was only known to the audiophiles, bloggers, and Adam Curry fans. But what is it, and more importantly how can you do it?

Do you have iTunes, Windows Media Player, or portable digital music player? If so, then you have the ability to access audio programs that cover everything from technology to news, from comic books to cooking. Here is the first big secret of podcasts; they are nothing more than downloadable MP3 files.

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